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Your company’s size, industry sector, marketing organization and the communication channels it has in place are the factors that will shape the type of digital marketing strategy your company needs and is able to implement.

There are all kinds of cases. Some organizations have in-company online marketing departments, made up of professionals capable of defining both the strategy and the technological deployments. And then there are others where employees with several functions, for instance, sales managers or general marketing managers, are tasked with these specific requirements in online media.

In general, the challenge these companies face is finding a partner to help them to carry out these activities, one that can integrate itself and achieve a synergy with other existing suppliers: press, promotion or social media agencies, for instance. But above all, the partner should be capable of designing a digital marketing strategy and plan.

para-pone-suelto-de-un-ladoWhen it comes to facing the challenge of defining the online approach, it is quite common for some companies to take a look at what other companies in the industry are doing, and to ask a web developer (a friend, for instance) to do something similar.
For some companies, this may be enough to show themselves in the market, but surely it won’t be effective.

The marketing actions implemented by your company are seeking a business return. You’re investing money in these actions, and whatever the amount, you can’t forget that the purpose of those actions is, directly or indirectly, to drive sales.

That’s where digital marketing tactics should come in.

Before starting any digital action, always keep in mind the following needs:
• Knowing what are the marketing goals you want to achieve.
• Expanding into new territories.
• Speeding the sales process.
• Retaining clients.
• Impacting your community.
• Differentiating from the competition.

Ask yourself the following:
• Based on market research studies, what products and solutions your clients need.
• What searches your prospects are making on the Internet and how they relate to your content offer.
• What are the contents that attract your prospects most.
• What is the main conversion goal of your website or your digital presence.

para-pone-suelto-del-otro-ladoIf you have specific answers to these questions, you will probably save a lot of time and money in your actions.

These are just a few examples of the activities that a digital marketing agency provides to its clients. It’s not only about producing materials.

Later it’ll be time to decide on what are the best tools to achieve those goals. Corporate websites, microsites, social media actions, advertising campaigns, landing pages, blogs, high impact designs, etc. Strategic planning and functional, interactive analysis should be your focal points to reach the growth rates you aim for.

No doubt, you’ll have to follow-up these actions through regular statistical reporting, in order to retransform them or optimize them, thus improving their performance.

At IRIS we incorporate our clients’ business needs as our own, and we work to enable digital marketing channels to help you generate opportunities and transform them into new business.


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