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Publicity and lead generation

Sometimes, “selling” knowledge isn’t easy.
Lead generation digital campaigns.

Very often, companies with pre-established business goals and with sales teams solely devoted to reaching them, have to pick up the pace at certain times of the year.

Subscription-based print publications are no exception: at times, it is essential for them to activate stimulus that help to improve conversions. Traditional channels used to contact leads aren’t enough and they need a boost.

With this aim, HSM WOBI contacted IRIS. Designing a strategy in the digital field to drive sales.

Main challenges
Complying with a commercial quota in a very short time before the end of the fiscal year.
Generating stimulus in external digital media to attract attention to the contents of WOBI Gestión magazine.
Implementing a mechanism to generate concrete opportunities fast, so that the sales team at the call center could pick up and follow through until conversion.
Distributing an exceptional offer that drives direct conversions through e-commerce.

Work done
Overall design of the digital conversion strategy.
Seeding in web portals with related topic areas. Online advertising.
Efficient management of an effective advertising schedule on Adwords and Facebook, achieving high CTRs.
Original ad creation. Attention-grabbing mechanisms based on unusual, innovating topic areas featured in the magazine.
Email marketing. Creativities and calls to action oriented to the openness and expansion of the offer details.
Inserting return indicator points throughout the campaign stages, capable of reporting reliable results.

Creation of multiple landing pages. This point involves some of the following digital-media-specific tactics:
– A detailed explanation of the benefits gained and a sense of urgency in that it’s a limited-time offer.
– Showing the leads a brief example of what they will get if they actually subscribe to the magazine, all of it displayed then and there to prevent them from losing attention and leaving the conversion page.
– A contact form as high up as possible so that the user does not have to scroll down the page to make a contact. No more than 5-7 fields to complete.

More than 20 years ago HSM was created with a vision of inspiring current and future leaders through innovative experiences and ideas. HSM continued to grow through its

Forums on Leadership, Marketing and Innovation, dedicated to deepening knowledge within specific topic areas; Gestión Magazine (now WOBI), a publication with more than 16 years of history and recognized as Ibero-America’s leading management magazine.


Main gains
This initiative has yielded HSM WOBI the return it needed: growing results in the subscription to WOBI Gestión magazine.

New subscriptions as a result of this campaign.

Of the total sales were made through e-commerce.

CTR average of keywords chosen to show the ads.

Average time spent on the landing page.

Why IRISTools gets chosen
• Commitment to the task. Reliability as to the protection of confidential data and information that may come up during the campaign execution.
Adding specific value from the digital field to each deliverable, a result of many years of working for multiple-size clients from various industries and cultures.
• Flexibility to become integrated and give support to customer-side teams (marketing, sales).
• Producing high-quality digital materials, ready to be viewed on multiple devices.
• Expertise in optimizing the advertising schedule and seeding attractive, action-driving content.


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