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Multiplying contacts using an interactive game

When a company wishes to sponsor an event, it’s usually because the attending audience belongs to its target and somehow the company will have the opportunity to provide information about its products and services.

The budget allocated by marketing departments to seize this opportunity to contact the audience usually goes to putting up a stand hosted by a promoter or another person that hands out information to the people that walk to the stand.

It is possible to take advantage of this investment to achieve other marketing goals, such as providing content that improves detailed awareness of products, combined with a lead generation strategy through a game that allows spontaneous participation.

Mastercard opted to make this journey together with IRIS for all their business events.
A memory-test game was created about the company’s products that also included information about services in a playful way.
To participate, the person has to provide their personal information, and the player that proves to know most about the company gets the grand prize.

This way, the number of people approaching the stand is multiplied, and it’s not just to get a brochure but to live an experience that allows the company to get a better position among the target.

Mastercard Incorporated (NYSE: MA) is a financial services multinational based in Purchase, New York, United States. It facilitates electronic fund transfers worldwide, most commonly through credit, debit and prepaid card with the brand Mastercard.


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