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Generating interest-arousing contents

Connecting with the target through contents.

High-quality, easy-to find educational content enables the company to position its products and get more visits > leads > customers, building a connection with the audience and achieving loyalty to the brand.

The challenge lies in getting them closer with engrossing stories.
The generated content is centered on offering tips and techniques to the audience to use the products to their best.
A brand influencer selected for the region was a well-known make-up artist that was capable of making explanatory videos about different make-up products and trends.

This action allows the company to convey messages in line with what customers think, research and look for.
It makes it possible to create fruitful content experiences in a simple, fast and global way.

Founded by Armand Petitjean, visionary and lover of French elegance, Lancôme is THE brand of women. Today more than ever, ultra-femininity, emotion, joie-de-vivre, happiness and beauty are at the very heart of Lancôme’ s DNA.


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