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Cloud contact center solution.

Intel has a network of resellers and partners across the region and it provides support and training to them through exclusive yearly events, where it offers the latest information about products, in situ training sessions and the chance to contact Intel executives.

Contact information and event registration handled by various marketing and event management agencies.
Work teams in different geographical areas, differing reports, difficulty to compile them.
Event organization stages and workflow out of sync.

Main goals:
Integrating the activity developed by agencies.
Administering guidelines to unify the messages and materials to be distributed.
Optimizing online registration using a single website and multiple call centers.
Speeding up the reporting of contacts registered in events.

The solution:
Developing a collaborative online system capable of centralizing the organization and registration to events for resellers held by country-specific agencies in Latin America.
Integrating email alerts in real time triggered directly from the tool, by work area, by event and by role.
Generating online reports in real time.

Intel Corporation (NASDAQ: INTC) is headquartered in Santa Clara, California, USA.
Intel designs, manufactures and sells integrated circuits for the computing and communication industries on a global scale. In terms of components, its main products include microprocessors, chipsets, mother boards and wireless and non-wireless connectivity. It employs 105,000 people and has annual revenues of US$52.35 billion.
It is present in Latin America with offices in Argentina, Colombia, Brazil, Mexico, Chile, Peru, Costa Rica and Venezuela.


Main gains:
Instant reporting as soon as registration closes, with unified contact information generated by the website and call centers.
Improved lead qualification and integration with Intel’s internal CRM systems.
Optimizing working times and increasing operational capability.


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