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Online interaction with event attendees

IBM Forum, combining offline and online actions.

The challenge was to deploy an online solution that enables interaction with guests and attendees to this neutral event regarding the topics addressed in the agenda.

The chosen social network was Facebook because it offers the possibility of publishing materials: photos, videos, news stories. But above all, because it allows speakers and attendees to interact through discussion forums.

IRIS handled the seeding of stimulus to promote this action.

The chosen media were: publicity on Facebook, segmented demographically and by interest, advertisements in news portals related to the industry, on the official website and via email to the users and attendees registered on the database, inviting them to participate in digital interactive debates.
Testimonial videos were made showing speakers and attendees, which made it possible to exchange opinions and take account of experts’ talks on a range of technology topic areas.

The action was completed with the option of downloading the speakers’ presentations.
The event generated nearly 1,000 followers in two days, a record figure for IBM in social media actions.

IBM set out to measure the carbon dioxide emissions generated during the event to compensate for them with an action that absorbs carbon dioxide from the atmosphere by an amount equivalent to that generated.

As a compensatory measure, native trees were planted in a protected area, to guarantee that they could grow without conflict.

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