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Axion Energy Esso

B2B & B2C digital marketing plan
Axion Energy ESSO

A new player in the fuel and lubricant market.

IRIS is the extended arm that allows Axion to digitally deploy its marketing and communication actions on the Internet.

This is some of the work done by IRIS in Axion Energy.
Essential role to make things happen online. Work is not restricted to digital production, but we handle the very gestation of communications, getting involved with the company’s internal departments and working jointly as if we were one more of the company’s areas.

Some of the challenges and solutions:
– Drawing up a digital marketing plan with a 3-year time horizon.
– Finding a balance that simplifies the integrated coexistence of B2B & B2C digital communications.
– Developing online solutions that allow the company to get closer to the target by offering useful tools for their lives.
B2C: Store locator, route to get to the nearest gas station, opening hours, available services, etc.
B2B: A unique online contact window, integrated for all business-oriented services and products.

Axion Energy integrates Esso’s extensive experience in the refining and marketing of fuels and lubricants in Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay, with the operational excellence and technological development achieved by Bridas Corp in its 54 years of hydrocarbon history in the country.

New companies in the market must draw up their digital communication from scratch, taking into account the available internal resources for the online deployment.
The required skills have to do with organization, synergy and coordination in order to complete the definition of processes that will become communications to be released through digital channels.


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