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Improving your placement on the Internet

When clients wish to find the location of one of your stores, a typical behavior is to use Internet search engines: they type your company’s name and a town. Depending on the contents of these search results, this is a unique opportunity to distribute relevant information to your target. Very often, these searches lead to websites that are a kind of directory that can even include advertisements from your competitors.

Store Locator

So, how do you develop a strategy that helps you to get a good placement, not only to be found by your clients but also to give them relevant information?

Surely if you have these goals it means your business has a large enough number of stores or retailers to justify the need of a map-based locator with individual pages for each store or retailer.

This will also allow you to add structured data, called schema, on each page.

These data are easily interpreted by search engine robots, and they help to boost your website’s placement and page rank in the results listing.

The latest changes in Google’s and other search engine pages’ indexation algorithm incorporate the use of these structured data to improve and select what to show first and what to show next within the vast universe of Internet pages. Put in simpler words, if your website pages related to your stores or retailers incorporate this kind of data, your business will be more easily found by your clients on the Internet.

Imagine a possible client at his or her computer, tablet or cell phone making a search by typing the name of your company plus a town, district or province.

I suppose what you would like most is for the screen to show one of your website pages as a result, but also, when that possible client clicks on it, it should lead him or her to a full-blown page supported by Google Maps technology, with all the necessary information (photos, opening hours, directions) so that the prospect can contact you and become a client in the easiest possible way.

If you are looking for a solution to boost your Internet placement and attract new clients by optimizing the way they search for your business and giving them a map-based response, it is important that you consider doing it the right way and find the shortest way to achieve those goals.


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