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Being social, viral and mobile

Generating and spreading attraction

These days there is much talk about the social media and their importance.
The truth is that a strategy based on social media must go hand in hand with the creation of contents that users find attractive and therefore, want to share.

Think about what happens in a user’s real life. The real stories told by a friend, the curious facts about an industrial process, a news story about something unusual from some other country, an ironic fact about something terrible – all of these are the kinds of things that get around through word of mouth. The same happens with social media. It is only exciting facts that are retold virally.

Media consumption on mobile devices plays an important role here. A great number of users restrict themselves to mobile devices.

And if the contents we have to offer to them can’t be viewed properly on the mobile device, they won’t take part in the conversation or we won’t be able to get their feedback.

There might be continuous, valuable dialogs, content sharing and retransformations being generated at any moment anywhere. That’s why our digital communication strategy has to keep in mind that the content offer should be adaptable to any device and screen size, and include sharing functions.

Just having the required equipment will not get you a larger audience, but it will ensure that if a new contact appears, you’ll be closer to turning him or her into an opportunity.

Of course, this only works if we distribute relevant content that is useful and entertaining in some way.

Ser social, viral y móvil

At IRIS we help you to define the best digital communication and marketing tactics for your business.

Surely the company where you work has several digital actions in place, but only those actions that meet the needs of your social, viral and mobile audience in an effective and integrated way will achieve the expansion goals that you have set for your company.

We have reference cases from various industries that will give you a clearer idea of how other companies have benefited themselves, successfully achieving their business and communication goals in digital media.


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