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Social media actions

How to manage them?

Does this question sound familiar?
Should I have to create a page or profile in social networks to grow my business?
In most cases, the answer is probably YES!

The reasons are obvious and it goes without saying that it can be the vehicle to get to your target audience and extend your reach using the viral features of these networks.

Once the decision is taken, comes the second question.
What strategy and what kind of activities do I have to develop through these channels?

Typically, you launch social media actions in order to start conversations with your customers and allow them to voice their opinions or review what you publish. This is what will generate the virality you hope for.
Contents that spark curiosity among your followers and encourage their participation are the kind of material you need.

In general, this is the kind of content kept by companies, across the various departments: they tend to keep large amounts of useful content. Once analyzed and reprocessed, these contents can become excellent, rich material for dissemination.

Acciones en las redes socialesSocial media are by their very nature the best medium to communicate this kind of content, both because they provide an outlet to express opinions and assessments and because in general, corporate websites don’t have a suitable space to publish this kind of softer content.


We at IRIS guide you through this process of discovery and attractive content creation, and we deal with publishing, moderation, frequency and format strategies.

Your investment in this field does not have to be large, because it is preferable that your own staff should be responsible of articulating these social media, since they are the people who have your company’s information readily available.

As an agency, we build on this with a plan that includes drawing up a content schedule, available materials and return expectations before the start. This is where the work becomes strategic and this is how you will score a bullseye: through action planning.

redes socialesMind you: if you don’t have a content-generating engine in place and working regularly, your ship will stop half-way and your customers’ engagement will start to wane. It’s all right if you can publish something new only once a week – this is closely linked to your generation capability, and your plan will be designed accordingly. One is more than zero, and you can always go for more in the future if your ship is sailing smoothly.

You might have more questions about how to manage your social media properly and how to get the desired return.
Contact us: we will answer your inquiries without any obligation on your part, whether you are a self-employed professional, a medium-size company or a multinational corporation.

We are consultants to clients from different industry sectors of various sizes. We fill your shoes and wear your hat so that we can walk and think up your business strategy as our own.
Once you have found the answers to the two questions that tend to come up at the beginning of the social media journey, a third question might arise….

How do you integrate all the efforts of your social media actions into your own corporate website?
Very often, your company gets social feedback given by its customers, and this is the best marketing material you could have hoped for! It is also common to want to disseminate this feedback in the other digital communication media used by your company.

See below some of the work done by IRIS:


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