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Traditionally, video has been one of the most frequently used communication formats to tell stories. It has proven to be the best vehicle to convey linear messages and attract the audience’s attention.

In the enterprise world, it is part of  tool’s set that marketing departments have used to bring their product or service offering to clients. In the form of publicity material, corporate presentation, testimonials, product demonstrations and several more applications, videos have enabled companies to create communications designed for and aimed at their interest groups.

Ever since it became possible to digitize, compress and view videos through online streaming, this medium has made it possible to reach unlimited audiences around the world.

This is when the paradigm of video-based communication strategies changed: the action is no longer restricted to the message conveyed by the video itself, now audience segmentation comes into play.

No matter your company’s size or whether it has specialized resources in place. You will always have the chance to create a video with a message that add value within the life cycle you keep with your clients, even if you don’t have a big budget to make the video.

Don’t be afraid to produce videos – there are many tools and methods to make them easily.
You just have to define a focused strategy for your business, to produce it and make it available in your digital communication distribution channels.

According to the most recent studies, 73% of companies have incorporated online video in the set of communication tools they use.
It is a highly useful tool across a company’s areas, from Marketing, for driving sales, to corporate learning, education and communications.
It’s not a passing fad. It’s being used in companies for all commercialization routes.

Acciones en las redes socialesSpecifically, using online videos enables to extend the time users spend on your website, increasing its visibility in Internet search engines; plus, it’s an excellent content format to
be shared in social media.

Have you given any thought to how online video can help to commercialize your products?

Did you produce a few videos but they didn’t have the expected return?

At IRIS we work to define communication strategies based on online video which, in line with the rest of the digital media your company has in place, will bring you the return you hope for.

The right planning makes it easier to reach new audiences and even to lower production costs.

The following are a few examples of videos developed by IRIS:


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