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Before devoting all your energy to technical development alone, build a digital communication strategy for mobile users keeping in mind what your customers might want to know about your products and services when they are on the move.

For instance, if you’re running an entertainment show and your customers need to learn about the schedule or the location of the theater, or even to make a ticket purchase, you won’t apply the same strategy as if you were selling enterprise software and your clients needed to find out about the main characteristics of your latest release, and wished to be contacted or consulted to by a specialist.

Desarrollo de software onlineA good exercise to properly plan your company’s communication for mobile users is to ask yourself and envision all the likely situations of information inquiry that result from the very nature of your products, and how and when your consumers want to learn more about them.

– Do they need a quick yet accurate reference regarding your company so that later, once at ease and well informed, they can decide on whether your company can become a suitable supplier?
– Do they need to know the value of your products to make comparisons?
– Do they need to know about the available channels or retail outlets to purchase your products, or directions to your stores?
– Do they need to see a good set of product photos to show to a friend or colleague in a meeting?

Of course, if the options that you envisioned to meet your clients’ needs aren’t 100 per cent on target, you can always ask them directly what they want and then send it to them.

The technological aspect plays a key role.

Responsive designs help to keep the audience comfortable with their existing devices. Regardless of their device screen width, you should provide suitable user interfaces, keep in mind touch-screen interaction, show content with drop-down information, and take advantage of the Javascript capabilities of the whole array of mobile browsers.
Your efforts concerning the user experience will also help you to achieve the goals you have set for this channel.

At IRIS we help you to find and define those goals, and to develop them. Before developments start, our team of specialists performs usability tests at the company’s own laboratory, equipped with multiple and different mobile devices. They make sure that the user interfaces proposed at the design stage will be effective when they finally reach users.

By their very nature, certain industries tend to need more powerful communication actions for mobile users. Companies whose core business is oriented to final consumers (B2C), especially those that manufacture or distribute retail-marketed products, will require the development of contents and tools to serve multiple targets.
Companies that trade B2B products or services will need to develop a communication more focused on the target, and to provide the right information that users wish to get while on the move.

One last tip. If you wish to become more attractive to users on mobile devices, create tools that are easy to interact with, use precise calls to action that lead to friendly contents or capabilities, and leave out anything that might require too much from the user.


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