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Turning publicity into opportunities

At some point you have probably wondered how to promote your business on the Internet and your first thought or the first thing you were told was “advertise and you’ll see the results at once.”

That statement or suggestion that we get so often carries a lot of truth… as long as the right digital marketing strategies and effective creativities are implemented.

If the publicity you’re investing in is the kind that’s activated through keywords, this is a great advantage to give visibility to your ads at the right moment.
Users know what they’re looking for, and if you’re well prepared regarding the messages advertising your offer, surely you can become the provider of the solution they’re searching for.

You probably managed to attract your prospects’ attention using these stimuli in Internet search engines or placing ads in social media. If these have a good concordance and are properly designed, they will grab the attention of your target audience. This is a given, if you undertook this task with professionals skilled in producing messages that call to action.

You might be pursuing one of the following objectives:
– Driving online sales.
– Increasing the number of contacts registered in your mailing list.
– Enhancing the visibility of your products or services by providing technical content or assistance to your clients.

Digital campaigns must be planned in waves before starting to invest in the advertising schedule or to produce communications. This will allow you to optimize your costs and efforts, but most of all, to boost conversion rates. The right planning to think up your future relationship with your prospects throughout the cycle will get you on the right track.

Supposing the first wave or interaction with your target audience is an advertising stimulus and that they clicked on it, you’ll have to start thinking about how to keep them on the same path until a real opportunity is generated.

This is the stage where landing pages come in. Your prospects have acted on the stimulus and now they expect to be able to find what you promised to give them. Also, now the first stage is over, you have probably invested a considerable part of your advertising budget and can’t miss the opportunity to keep grabbing the prospects’ attention.

Diseño de landing pagesDo you see now why landing page strategies are so important?
Because these are the waves you had been waiting for so long! They’re the chance to turn a prospect into an opportunity.

It’s the right balance between adequate designs and effective designs. The mark of a good design is, to an extent of 70 per cent or more, the fact that it considers what the user’s going to see when he/she lands on that page, and how the page encourages him/her to act next.

Below are a few tips that you should keep in mind when dealing with the landing page conversion strategy:

– Include a call to action for users to complete a form, inviting them to learn more. Do not include any external links or links to your own site. This could weaken your campaign results.
– Be clear in your offer: don’t confuse prospects with much more information than they need.
– Carry out an A/B Testing and find out which is the strategy and communications that work best.
– Develop separate landing pages for each group of advertisements, divided by subject or by offer. This will give you specificity and will attract more attention to your products, which will improve conversion rates.

The return of your investment in advertising will be determined by the number of opportunities generated. Do not leave it to chance – consult with professionals capable of defining strategies that work and that yield the results you need for your business.

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