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The good balance strategy

Some statistics indicate that over 50 percent of users check their email on their mobile devices at least once a day.

At present, are you aware of how your company is distributing messages through this channel?

The user’s experience gains paramount significance to achieve success with messages.

Ever wondered how to increase conversion rates for the offers that you distribute via email?

The answer to this question is: a good balance.

Let’s take a closer look at a possible strategy to achieve said balance.

These are the elements to weigh:
Communicational effectiveness
Technological format
Functional, attractive design

The truth is that the era when it was all about design is in the past. Today, the message that yields the best results is a message that can be viewed all at once, without major technical requirements, rather than a fancily designed piece.

The technological format we use to put together those pieces can guarantee the right visualization of messages, for both mobile and desktop users, and can increase our communications’ click rates.
Here, we should assess the various screen sizes and whether it’s appropriate to use images in the piece.
In most cases, email software –both computer-based and web-based– prevents the visualization of images, which impedes the correct understanding of messages if users don’t disable the image blocking option.

Email marketingThis is where we apply the good balance approach. We design and put together the pieces keeping in mind what the user is going to view at once as well as the parts that require the user’s action to complete the reading.

The text sizes and the width of the pieces are important aspects to consider within this balance. When we design, we must take into account the whole universe of mobile devices or desktop computers used to view the messages.

A well-balanced email marketing piece is one that, above all, makes users feel attracted to the first thing they see.

This is accomplished through communication effectiveness and the right use of the design and the html format. Of course, once these first two requirements are met, it is essential to use the right graphic design in order to convey the spirit of your products to users, and elicit the action you expect from them as part of the conversion process.

Now that you are aware of the main benefits of working on email marketing using the good balance strategy, how would you go about it?

At IRIS we work to give your clients a better experience of your products and services. We recently incorporated new responsive design tools for mobile devices, which entirely guarantees the right visualization of messages. In these times, correctly applied strategic creativity can help you to achieve the conversion rates you wish for.


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