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Synergy, roles and goals

If you are thinking of using a digital agency it’s probably because you work in the marketing and communication department of a corporation, a company or a startup that sells B2C or B2B products and services, or both.

Agencia de marketing digitalThe choice of agency will depend on the kind of game you want to play or need to play.
Whether you go for the amateur or the professional approach.
Also, whether there are existing players playing the game or not, and how experienced or skilled they are in their positions.

They may apply conservative or attacking tactics, and the team’s strong suit may be its history or its individual talents.
The one true thing is that besides these requirements, it is essential to take a well-coordinated approach if you want to start scoring goals.
Today, digital communication media have taken center stage. If each member plays his own game, the chances are there’ll be an occasional good move or that things will go well only in certain parts of the field. But winning a match requires working as a team, achieving synergy between actions and defining roles that, if well-coordinated, can lead to the goalscoring chances that you’re looking for.

As with any game, this one has different players. Typically, they are the following: advertising agency, PR agency, BTL agency, digital agency, social media agency and some other agency, depending on your company’s industry or specialization.

They have a common denominator: in one way or another, they always have to play in the online digital field.

That’s where the role of the digital agency becomes vital, because by its very nature, the digital agency is equipped with skills and tactics to get the most out of all the marketing efforts that your company is developing.

Drawing up a digital marketing plan is key to achieve a well-coordinated game. But just creating it is not enough – it should be an ongoing exercise. It is a living, dynamic document, updated regularly to reflect changing conditions and situations.

Just to mention a tangible benefit of having a digital marketing plan, let’s look at the following example.

Your PR or BTL agency is likely to be using an online digital medium to implement your advertising plans or actions.
Have you asked yourself whether the way they mention your company or your products is the right way to put up their positioning on Internet search engines?
Today, search marketing plays a key role as clients figure out what they need after considering the offering of all companies. To make searches on the Internet, they most likely use phrases that are in line with their business or they take into account other users’ opinions.


By implementing properly in a synchronized way, you can now take advantage of the actions currently performed by the other agencies in external media or social media. And you can capitalize on them to gain more prominence for your products and services on Internet search engines.

The online digital medium remains center stage at all times. If properly managed, it can give you extra benefits and give you an edge over your competitors.

At IRIS, we have worked for years serving clients that use multiple agencies, synergizing communication and marketing actions developed through the other channels. We add the digital specialty they need to sort out the players’ positions and score more goals.


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