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Analytics and statistics

Helpful, if you know what you want to measure

Developing a digital marketing action, assigning a budget to produce it and investing in the advertising schedule are examples of the decisions that marketing executives have to take to drive the sales of the company’s product and service offering.

Ser analitico y estadisticoThe truth is that every time we design a new digital marketing action, already at the planning stage we think about how we will measure it, what are the steps that the user’s going to take until it becomes a new sale, and how the cycle will begin again.

Recording these indicators makes it easier to understand the budget allocated both to the advertising schedule and to producing digital materials.

It is essential to know whether you’re doing it right, as this accounts for the budget allocated to digital campaigns.

It is recommendable to make a statistic analysis of results, which will help you to feed accurate data to the internal marketing systems reporting the return of the investment made:

• An improvement program based on the content offer, and the content’s appeal and adoption.
• Measuring the user’s pulse and behavior.
• Quality diagnoses and guidelines to new approaches within your strategy.
• Business indicator management: traffic, registered users, engagement, contribution to sales, SEO and SEM effectiveness.
• Qualitative and quantitative performance reporting.
• Campaign follow-up across multiple websites.
• Virality levels achieved.
• Assessing next steps based on the visitor’s behavior, and reorganizing contents, interrelation and highlight policies.

At IRIS we take an X ray of your Internet action, then we study it and use the results as a basis for planning, rectifying or ratifying the strategy.


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